Current Projects

LVRWD 9 continues to work to improve our water system to better serve our residents. 

In 2022 our board approved a rate increase in order to pay for the current projects that we are working on. Listed below, we will update you on the current projects that have been approved by the board.

Purchase of Property to have two new wells - The Board approved this purchase so we can increase the quantity and quality of water that is distributed to our customers. We currently have 4 wells that are approximently 30+ years old and in 2022 to 2023 we will increase that to 6 wells. Two of which will be on the property that was purchased. 

New Meter Install  Current customers with meters 813   Amount left to install- 2

We installed 5 new meters in 2022 and will install 2 more in the months to come. These new meters will better assist our residents and our staff with detecting water leaks in the system. Not only will these meters help the district but they also help our customers. The new meters read everynight and send information to our district office. The reading is broken down by water usage in 5 minute increments. This will help find any leaks our customers have and the size of the leak.  Customers are able to sign up through waterscope and log into their meter so they can track their own water usage. By signing up, the meter will alert the customer via email about any possible leak. 




Main line extension on Tonganoxie Dr.  -Completed 2021

The board approved this project that will allow LVRWD9 to be able to serve several more customers and with this line extension it could possibly help serve several more new customers. This has improved the water quality and quantitiy for the residents that were previously on wells and had poor water quality.  Also new shut off valves were installed to help reduce water outages when  water line repair work is done.


New Valves- Valves installed/replaced- 19 in 2021 Valves left to be installed/replaced- 0

Valves help us stop/redirect water when we have a leak and are needing to make a repair. The more valves we have means less customers are affected by a shut off. Our district has several valves in need of repair and several areas in the district that need valves installed.  There have been several valves installed in 2021 and there will be more installed in 2022.

New Meter Installations